TL Holiday Dance.jpg

Today is the Holiday Hoopla dance and the camp was abuzz with excitement.


As I have said before, this dance is the farthest thing from a date event. It is more like a costumed group exercise/silliness class.


Susie Ma’am came as a piece of candy corn for Halloween. Dodger Ma’am (our camp basset hound) was an elf.

Susie and Dodger holiday.jpg 

Lola Ma’am (our camp baby) appreciates the patriotic Harlow Ma’am.

  Lola and Harlow.jpg

Here, a counselor celebrating Mother’s Day is dancing with his entire cabin.

  Liam with BU at Dance.jpg

It has been a grand day. We learned that the Trojan-Spartan games resulting in the first ever tie. After three separate competitions with almost 250 games, the result was an unexpected 131-131. Since we have no precedent for such an outcome, we are debating the best resolution. Some are suggestion a “Moo Off” where the leaders of the two teams attempt to moo longer than each other.   I believe this is how the Spanish American War was resolved, though I am not completely clear.


As I conclude on this historic note, I find myself amazed that we are down to our last few nights. I know that it has seemed like a lifetime for you at home, but time has been racing here. We just need to appreciate every remaining hour.


Steve Sir