HangingInThere_email.jpgSome days, the blog does not want to write itself.


Luckily, I have a friend who has been sharing some fun pictures from camp over the past week or so. I have been wondering how I should share them with you.


Combine a little writer’s block with some good photos and you have today’s blog.


The first shot above is from the zip line off our climbing towers.  


Here is Cameron - the worlds only Camo-Campasaurus - on the prowl. DinoAttack_email.jpg

Here is another shot of Cameron from earlier this summer.  We think our metal spider might have attacked him.  Or, it might have been a camper prank, who knows?

Dino down.jpg

Here is a shot of “9 Square in the Air”, a popular camp game.


Campers waiting to go on our two giant slides.


And a view from the pool back toward the slides.


Perhaps my favorite is this one from torchlight as we introduce our Senior Campers to the campers.


I hope that my writing inspiration will return tomorrow.  If not, my friend will need to send me more photos.


Steve Sir