Canoe 1_17.jpgI occasionally wonder if I can legitimately call myself an adult.


Lets take a moment to review the facts.


On the “yes I am an adult” side, we have the following:

  • I am married
  • I have four children
  • I pay taxes
  • I know what a mortgage is
  • I know a bit more about medical care than I would like
  • I read books without pictures.


While this seems like a compelling list, there are important counterpoints. Here are reasons to say “no, I am not an adult”.


  • In a period of 4 days, I will wear the following outfits to work Lederhosen.jpg Kilt 1_17.jpg SRB as Tiger.jpg
  • I know words to many top 40 songs
  • My job entails deeply caring about tug-o-war battles and canoe races
  • I know what the most popular cereals are
  • While I am in fact married, my wife catches chameleons and wears them as earrings
  • I swat hornets with a tennis racquet. Swatting Honets.jpg


Lets be perfectly honest here. If someone walked up to you wearing leiderhosen, swatting bugs with a Babolat racquest and escorting a woman wearing lizards, you would cross to the other side of the street, point us out to your children and simply say, “that is why you should stay in school.”


Yet this is actually a normal week at camp.


In an odd way, camp makes us feel simultaneously old and young. We have been running camps longer 98% of our population have been alive, so that makes us feel a bit long-in-the-tooth. But sharing the fun and silliness with your children makes us feel like kids.


By the way, the outfit today was for Bavarian night. The woman I am pictured with is AC Ma’am, one of our Division Leaders. She bought an authentic dirndl in Austria, so she asked to take a picture with me in my lederhosen. We need to get Susie Ma’am a dirndl to go with her chameleons.


Steve Sir