When we go to camp conferences, we always want to learn about trends in camps. You might wonder what this might entail. Some of it is what you might expect:

  • Ways to make pools more safe
  • Ways to make food that is both healthy and tasty
  • Rainy day activities. [Note: this is a huge topic for camps in New England where camps often experience entire weeks of heavy rains. A friend from New Hampshire once asked me what we do in Texas when it rains. “We walk outside and stare at the sky and wonder why the heavens are crying.” These are not sessions that we attend.


We, however, are always interested in sessions on youth development. As you will read in some of these blogs, we have learned about optimism, resilience and growth mindsets. We have also given talks on personal narratives and “disruptive moments”.


But one of the topics we hear a lot about is “agency” of children. Basically, that means that children benefit from having some choices over their life to assert some personal control. So much of young people’s lives are scheduled these days, so any practice of “agency” is regarded as developmentally helpful.


Enter “All Camp Super Camp Fun Day”.


This is the ridiculous title for the days when campers can choose where they want to go and what activities they want to try. They even have an option to sit under a tree and talk with friends or to read a book in a nook of the library.


ACSCFD is a true hit with the campers and provides great variety from our normal schedule. It is worth noting that our normal schedule provides agency as well, especially as campers get older. For example, an entire division will go to Fine Arts or Sports and have a choice of activities offered. But ACSCFD provides complete freedom.


We hope you had a super fun day as well!


Steve Sir