I have had a series of serious blogs, so I thought I would share a quick laugh and a word of encouragement.


The laugh comes from an article in “The Onion”, the satirical fake newspaper. The title says it all:


“Study Finds Every Style Of Parenting Produces Disturbed, Miserable Adults”

I know it feels like each week produces a new study or book on parenting that suggests that we are not getting it right. This headline from The Onion made me chuckle and take those research articles and books a little less seriously.


Here are my words of encouragement. I have seen that the exact opposite is true – various styles of parenting can produce content and successful adults. I see just a few constants among successful parents:

  • Great parents are humble about the task of parenting.
  • This humility leads them to actively recruit other adults to partner with them – coaches, teachers, mentors, pastors, rabbis and (yes) camp directors.
  • These parents give their partners in parenting more credit than they deserve and take too little credit themselves.
  • They have the courage to let their children make their own mistakes, especially when the stakes are low.
  • They make sure to share playful time with their children. Doing so helps send the message that life can be fun.
  • They are willing to say “I do not know” and “I am sorry”.


I have noticed that parents willing to send their children to camp generally have these attributes. They believe in their children enough to let them strike out on their own away-from-home. They also share a sense of joy and fun.


So I hope you are pleased to know that the Onion article does not apply to you and your family!


Steve Sir