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I can tell that it is the last week of camp.


Some of the clues are very obvious. For example, we wake at 6AM today and tomorrow for the older camper Lake Swims. The evening activities become a little more special, including a fireworks display, Sing Song on the girls’ side (girls rewrite the words to songs to make them about camp) and we have a camp-wide celebration of our community.

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We also see some creativity using some of our public art. For example, our metal spider attacked our Camo-Campasaurus.

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But there are far more subtle signals that we are in week 3.


The friendships are noticeably powerful.   Children walk with their arms around each others’ shoulders and share open laughs. These are often kiddos that did not even know each other 15 days ago.


But now they have that easy familiarity that indicates true comfort.


The energy level is also starting to climb. In the first days of camp, there is a nervousness, even a trepidation. Now, everyone is familiar with the schedule, the routines and the rhythms. Week two was about enjoying this new familiarity. Week three is about savoring it.


Perhaps the best indication of this was lunch. We had a rogue thunderstorm pop up. A quick look at the radar made us realize it would only be over us for 15-20 minutes, but that realization happened just as the meal was ending. We deemed that it would be the most safe to keep the campers in the Fillin Station (the Dining Hall).


This all happened at the very moment that the campers were ready to return. The thunder added to their pent-upped energy. The answer was a spontaneous songs and a short 3-song dance party. Rather than have nervous energy, we had joy.


One last item that made today special was our first full day with our Batter Up campers. These youngsters (mostly finishing Kindergarten and 1st grade) are here for a week of camp. I suspect that we enjoy seeing them play as much as they enjoy playing!

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Steve Sir