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When you read this, you will likely be about 24 hours from arriving at camp, so I am not sure what to share with you.


Let me start by saying that we are honored and blessed that you have chosen to make us part of your family this session. We have some to know these campers incredibly well and will miss them dearly. I hope we have made a positive impact on them – I know they have on us.


Today is a day that feels like 2 days. The campers have a full 6 periods of free choice activities to assure that they get at least one more chance to do some of their favorite things.


We had counselor skits, a fireworks show and a late night pizza party.


Susie Ma’am and I had “Cookies for Rookies and Minis” in the afternoon. This is a little tradition that Susie Ma’am started to celebrate our youngest citizens. She was watching boys chase lizards while come girls played “little Sally Walker” and she said, “The youngest campers just make me smile. Let’s do something they would love.” The older campers get a few privileges that are not available to the youngest group, so it is extra fun to celebrate them.


The camp-wide energy level is wonderfully high. I honestly believe that I would know this is the end of a session simply by seeing and feeling how everyone is acting around here.


Perhaps the high point for me was the special event we had for the graduates of the Senior Camper program. Yesterday, they returned from a three-day retreat to the Davis Mountains where each of them wrote a mission statement. Tonight, they dressed up and enjoyed a banquet. After the meal, they joined us in our home and read us their mission statements.

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I am so impressed when I hear these young people talk about living lives of intentionality. Most people are reactive, thinking one week or month or year ahead. But without a central mission, they can drift. My mom says that most people are “ping-pong balls on the river of life” – going where circumstance take them rather than resolving determine their own direction.


With this in mind, I am so impressed to hear 30 individuals who will be seniors talk about their values and beliefs.


I will leave you there. Tomorrow is our last full day and I want to make sure I am ready for it.


Steve Sir