I have prided myself on writing regularly. I am under no delusions that anyone awaits these articles, but I have found a satisfaction in writing everyday, even if we lack the connectivity to post them.


I write for several reasons. First, I hope to entertain the people who are precious to us. Second, I want to chronicle this experience for our own children. When we did a trip like this 5 years ago, I converted the blogs and photos into 4 coffee table-style books. Finally, I believe (rightly or wrongly) that the discipline keeps me sharp.


These articles have found me writing on planes, busses, vans and busses – in nice hotels and sparse hostels. If I missed a day, it would have been a result of a transatlantic flight.


So, oddly enough, I find myself at the end of the laziest day of our trip without ever thinking about writing. We have spent the day healing. We initially had some ambitious plans for the day, but any effort to spur actual movement met with levels of inertia that would have inspired a physicist. Susie, Terrill and Virginia all needed some healing from their leg issues. I realized I have a head cold and am on the verge of laryngitis. Liam craved a day without any familial obligations. Wiley was, well, happy to simply chill and read comedy writings. Few people do idle as well as Wiley does idle.


So allow me to summarize our day. It has been like a Seinfield episode – it is about nothing, We have managed to watch movies and hang out. That is it. Sadly, it took some of us 3-5 hours to discover that the major movie channel could (with the touch of a button) translate to English.


So I have nothing to report. All I can say with certainty is that we will do more tomorrow than today.


Frankly, I think that is a mathematically impossible to do less.


Steve Sir


PS  The photo is from some cool Buenos Aires graffiti that we saw yesterday.  I could not bring myself to share a picture of us deteriorating in our hotel!