The logistics bombshell from yesterday continues to send reverberations through the today.


You can see from this picture that we are awadh in excitement and activity.


As you might imagine, we did not wake in the happiest mood. We were tired and sore from sitting in busses and in vans (and on parking lots). We were also still hungry. Our lovely Bed and Breakfast is has a wonderful staff, but is a little light on the second “B” – breakfast. They have two types of pastry, toast and sliced cheese and ham.


So we slept in, ate some light breakfast at 10AM and packed.


We then went to lunch. [Note: lunch was actually a high point. We had good lamb stew and burgers and enjoyed a quality mélange of background music ranging from salsa to Pink Floyd.]


That, my friends, was the sum total of our voluntary activities today. In 30 minutes, a van will take us to the airport where we will fly 3 hours to Buenos Aires. On the good side, we should be able to eat dinner tonight.


I guess you need to find the positive in every day!


Steve Sir