DSCN6770-1.jpgWe did not need that meal.


Not only was it an exercise in excess, but it has thrown my entire blog schedule off. I was ready to write about Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope and penguins. My writing dance card is full. All I wanted to do was finish dinner and come back to our apartment to write.


And then we went to Cape Town Fish Market.


On “all you can eat sushi” night.   By the way, the exchange rate is ridiculously favorable for us.  The sushi would cost just slightly more than a Which Wich sandwich might cost.  In retrospect, “favorable” is perhaps the wrong phrase.  “Deletariously indulgent” might be a better term.  


Such an offer is a terrible temptation for our family. First, we love seafood. I mean really love seafood. Sushi is a particularly appreciated indulgence.


Second, we had missed lunch and were starving.


Finally, we are Texans. My college roommate from Connecticut had an observation about our kind: “Texans have a simple philosophy – if some is good, more is better and too much is great.”


Well, we were Texans tonight.


To make it worse, the kids decided to challenge themselves to see who could make the best use of the “all you can eat” offer. I wish that we had shown some moderation. I wish we had been civilized.


We failed on both aspects.


The Cape Town Fish Market is in the middle of the Victoria & Albert Waterfront, a lovely area featuring artisan shops, museums, restaurants and ships. We watched a group of elderly women rowing a giant canoe. We saw artists making crafts. The moon rose over the ocean.


We played miniature golf in the smallest space imaginable for 18 holes.


It was a great day.


But we approached the dinner not as eaters, but as warriors. In particular, the kids embraced this challenge.


Upon the third (or fourth) trip to the sushi serving area, the sushi chefs made an audibly shocked comment on their reappearance.


I share all this because the results were fun to photo.


Here is the result of gluttony. We do not think about gluttony a lot, but it worked its way onto the list of “7 deadly sins” for a reason.


The kids were all feeling the force of food, but none more than Liam. He was suffering.


In a small way, I am mildly embarrassed at the excess of this meal, but I also enjoyed seeing the children unified, even if the reason for unification is petty and stupid.


I will now start to write about mountains, penguins and stunning views soon.


Meanwhile, we will digest.


Steve Sir


PS We also saw some great signs that I thought you would enjoy. Sign1.jpg

I wonder if that applies to Wiley in his hamster mode here.


I love this sign.  It would be a good one for camp.