Safari.pngAt times, I find myself sitting at my keyboard at 11PM trying to think of something to share with our wonderful parents.


These are not good blog days.


Other days, a blog topic drops from the sky.


These are good blog days.


Today is a good blog day.


A parent of a 5th year camper received a letter that I simply have to share. The letter starts simply enough, but it includes a touchy piece of camp wisdom:


Dear Mom,


I got your letter and it made my day a million times better. I’m doing very good. I’m having a good year. I’m happy that you are safe while traveling. I’m glad you are happy. I realized something - camp isn’t a place you miss your parents – it’s a place where you find out how much you love them.


She then continues her letter by explaining that she enjoyed her overnight and that she was excited to pop a blister (oh, the simple joys).


But I simply love her observation that camp is a place that you realize how much you appreciate your parents. We strive to cultivate a culture of appreciation. In fact, we create several moments at camp reserved to practice gratitude, from “Grateful Deeds” at torchlight to our nightly rituals to Vespers. During Vespers, I always ask the boys (I run Vespers on the boys side while Susie Ma’am does the girls) to spend 1-2 minutes in silent gratitude for their parents and loved ones.


While we strive to encourage this, I am still delighted whenever a camper lives it.


I know that siblings come to appreciate each other more when they are at camp. They get to see each other in a new environment that is fun. Also, they generally spend less time with each other, so the petty annoyances become overshadowed by the underlying affection.


So please know that while your child is here, he or she is not only loved and appreciated, but s/he is appreciating you more.


Not a bad deal.


Steve Sir