Flaming_CC_cropped.jpegI suspect that most of you will be coming to camp and not have time to look at this blog. Nevertheless, I feel moved to share s few thoughts.


Tonight is the last night for our community, as it currently exists. Campers who have become precious to us will return home with you tomorrow.


Knowing this, we strive to celebrate our camp family in the best ways we know how.


Each cabin will have a final nightly ritual tonight. Ideally, these last gatherings will happen outside and the campers and counselors will take the time to share their feelings of appreciation and camaraderie.   I picture them looking at the stars and feeling the breeze.


And simply being together.


Before that, we will have Memory Lane, one of my favorite camp traditions. After the boys and girls’ sides of camp have separate Awards Ceremonies, all the campers will come together at the Coliseum while the counselors form a giant half-circle at our sail point. The women counselors will be on the left and the men on the right.


In the middle, we have a flaming version of our old CC logo (please see the accompanying photo).


The campers will then get a chance to thank and hug the counselors who had helped make their time at camp special. The counselors will also thank the campers for their gifts.


There are always smiles and laughs and tears.


We hope that our campers return home with whatever gifts that have acquired while here. If that is confidence, social skills, leadership, independence, responsibility or joy: we hope it shows up in the home in at school.


The world needs more Champions!


Steve Sir