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As we traveled to Java, we had some time to review a lot of our photo and saw interesting shots that we would like to share.


So this blog is less about stories or insights as just photos.


They say a picture says a thousand words. Well, so does a Senator in a filibuster, so that might not be the best endorsement. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy some of the things we saw.


Decorative Entries

From homes to temples, the entryways to buildings often include statues, ornate carvings and other decorative features. Here are a few we enjoyed.

  Ornamented statue.jpg

Ubu Statues dragons-1.jpg




Serene Temples

While we could not enter many of the Hindu temples, we were able to appreciate their pagodas and open architectural designs.

  Ubud temple profile.jpg

Sometimes, some of the more beautiful aspects require serious effort to spot. This photo was at a temple that is completely off-limits and quite out-of-the-way. It is next to a river, making the humidity particularly thick. [Note: I am not kidding when I say that this is the most humid place I have ever experienced. We are all fit, but by the time we walked to and from this temple, we all looked like we had been rained on. I am not saying “we were somewhat sweaty”. More accurately, “we were soaked like we had strolled under a waterfall”.]


To get this photo of the Buddha on a throne, I had to climb a small hill and walk through brush and mud.

  Ubud Valley temple gold buddha close.jpg

Not Really Beautiful, But Noteworthy

We opted not to go to Komodo to see their famous “dragons”, the largest lizards in the world, but this guy still got our attention. We took this photo from 200 feet away. I am guessing that he was 3-4 feet long with his tail. In this shot, he is heading to an offering site to see if he can grab a few treats.

  Monitor Lizard offering.jpg


Nope, none of us could figure out what this guy is for, but I include it nonetheless.

  Ubud Cow Float.jpg

Steve Sir