Susie mentioned that I should share a few pictures from the Singapore Botanical Garden. So if you are looking for a blog with action and thrills, this might be one to miss.


Actually, our previous trip to a Botanical Garden did have some little action. When we were in Cape Town, Virginia somehow managed to agitate a pair of male ducks. Their agitation went from mild annoyance to a Battle Royale. I include it again simply because it is so unusual.


We had a moment when this black swan approached us, but this large bird did not feel a need to attack us. But our trip to this garden was less like a boxing match and more like – well – a botanical garden.



It, however, was quite lovely. Lovely enough to even hold the attention of 4 teenagers.


But we did have a little bonus excitement in this city of extreme ordern and logic.  As we walked the paths of the garden, we ran into this guy.


Our next reports will come from Indonesia and Bali

Steve Sir