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Charles Dickens would have loved out trip to Myanmar. It was “the best of times and the worst of times”. Traveling there was a true experience. We saw a different world. The people were so friendly (OK , when monks were not tossing pebbles at tigers). Their attire (the longi) and their unique makeup (thanakha) are unmistakable.


We appreciated an ancient culture sifted through a corrupt modern government. We drove freely among stunning ruins. We soared above them as well.


We also experienced transportation challenges that stretched our patience, sleeping accommodations that harmed our backs and food poisoning that challenged our digestive systems.


While we have committed to traveling without phones or data packages, we do really appreciate having decent internet at night to check emails, write blogs and upload photos. That was an optimistic hope in Myanmar. Every night was a dice roll. When it was good, it was OK. When it was bad . . . well, it might be because we simply had no electricity.


We were truly ready for a change.


Something sophisticated.


Something modern.


Something with reliable and fast internet.


We needed Singapore.


In fact, we were so excited to be out of the chaos of Myanmar, that we decided to embrace the most Western experience we could possibly manage.


So we went to Universal Studios Singapore.


Yes, we are having an Asian adventure and we want to be adventurers. But occasionally, we want to embrace a little western comfort. This would include going to a theme park and seeing Dr Strange. Yup, we might have well been in Orlando.


Here are a few highlights.

It was odd to come here so soon after seeing real ruins to then encounter fake statues.

Egyptians statues.jpg


We visited Far Far Away, the home of Shrek.

Far Far Away.jpg

I loved to see our loved ones being silly. 

S and L on dino2.jpg


V and W dino2.jpg

The kids were excited to see a show based on one of the most disappointing movie ever.  A camp friend once told the boys that “Waterworld was th best movie ever”, so they spent 2+ tortuous hours watching it waiting for greatness. Once they finished the movie, they were confused, disappointed and furious.  To this day, it holds a special place in their heart.   

Kids at Waterworld.jpg

In summary, we loved being tourists for a day.  We will restart our adventure soon, but we loved having some time to be Westerners without the discomfort.

We ended up the day watching a Marvel movie and being indulgent.  It felt well deserved.

Steve Sir