It’s an interesting, if mildly disconcerting, experience to remain at camp once all the campers have gone. For three months, this place is alive with noise, movement, and a fair number of lost-and-found items scattered across the grounds. When I think “camp,” I think less about the lake, the climbing wall, and the tennis courts, and more about the constant buzz of energy and excitement that the campers and counselors bring to their activities every day. Without that, what’s left of camp?

The memories of the previous summer and the anticipation for next summer carry us through the off season. “Off season,” by the way, is a bit of a misnomer – contrary to popular belief, camp jobs still exist during the year! They just take on a very different nature.

Whereas this summer I spent my time running between different activities, having an archery competition with the Maxis, or climbing the wall with Rookies, now I spend it sorting through re-registration forms and answering incoming phone calls. It’s quite the change in pace.

At the same time that I’m grateful for air conditioning during the hottest part of the day, I desperately miss being in the sun with campers and counselors! The tasks we complete now are what enable to us to put on the magic show that is Camp Champions once June finally rolls around. Logically, it’s a bit odd to dedicate nine months of work to just three months of “reward.” But those three months contain a lifetime’s worth of experiences.

I’m glad that I have the opportunity to work at camp, even now, when camp doesn’t feel like it usually has for me. Delaying gratification for nine more months will prove to be its own kind of challenge, far removed from the challenge of maintaining composure and energy at summer camp in Texas heat without even a hint of a breeze!

But after years of being a camper, a senior camper, a counselor, and a member of the leadership team, I’ve been fortunate enough to see the show for most of my life. It’s a privilege to have a bigger role in creating that show.

That being said, come visit us, and bring some noise back in our lives here at CC! All our work, we do for our campers and camp families; we miss everyone desperately during the 40 weeks that camp is quiet. Between Family Camp here in Marble Falls this upcoming weekend and reunions and house parties in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Midland, and more, we’re so excited to remain connected to the most important part of camp: the Champions.

Carlen Ma’am

Originally from Austin, I am a long time Camp Champions camper and counselor. The past 3 summers, I have led the Horseback and Outdoors Departments. I graduated from Pomona College in May 2015, and I am so excited to be working full-time at Camp Champions! Throughout this year, the CC staff and I will be posting blogs relating to our own experiences, improvements at CC, new research concerning the benefits of summer camp, and more. We are dedicated to keeping our camp families up-to-date on life in the camp world, and we would always love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Upcoming Reunion Dates:


Summer Camp Dallas! Reunion: November 7, 12pm, Gazeebo Burger

Summer Camp Ft. Worth! Reunion: November 7, 4pm, Steel City Pops 

Summer Camp Houston! Reunion: November 8, 1pm, Bellaire-Zindler Park

Summer Camp Austin! Reunion: November 14, 2pm, WAYA

Summer Camp San Antonio! Reunion: November 15, 12pm, EZ’s on Bitters and 281

Summer Camp Midland! Reunion: December 3, 4pm, 2100 L Street


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