Sunday was an odd day for me. We started our last two week session as well as our first Batter Up term. 

That is not odd at all.

What made it odd was the company. The picture I have included with this blog tells many a tale.  In it, we have Coach Joe and Tricia Ma’am (Joe and Tricia Golding) who were the directors at Camp Champions for over 15 years, including 9 with us. They helped ease the camp transition between the previous owners and us.  I am not sure what we would have done without them.

They were here because their granddaughter is now a camper in Batter Up.  Their daughter, Kate Dykes (wife of Cal Berkeley head football coach Sonny Dykes) was one of the best and most enthusiastic campers and counselors we ever had at camp. She and we are delighted to see that her daughter loves camp just as much as she did.

Also in this picture are Courtney Robertson, Vernon Green and Clark and Rebecca Rucker.  Each of them was a member of our Leadership Team at some point. Between them, I think they were campers, counselors or leaders for around 60 summers.   Clark and Rebecca fell in love at camp.  Vern was in their wedding. 

They were all critical parts of Susie and my growth as camp professionals and are dear friends.

All of these people (including Moak Sir to the right) knew Susie Ma’am and me at a much earlier stage in our camp careers.

And they now have campers at camp.

This has a dual effect on your humble blogger. It makes me smile ear-to-ear.

And it makes me feel a little older than I felt last week.

If that were not enough, let me point out one more feature of this photo.   The young man at the left in the counselor shirt is Wiley, one of our twin sons. He is taller than I am. He is 18.  He is a counselor. 

Does that make me old?

The people in this picture were around when Liam and Wiley were infants and young people.  I was on a ski boat with Clark and Becca when Susie went into labor with our youngest.  Vern chided Liam for switching seats during the 2004 UT NCAA Championship Rose Bowl game (the Longhorns seemed unable to score when Liam was on the couch, so Vern required him to move to the ottoman – it is odd what you vividly remember).

And now our sons are young men.

And my ski buddies are first time camper parents.

And it is all delightful.  Sure I feel a little older, but I feel much more joyous. People I love are raising their own children and they are part of the Champions family.  My mom likes to share this compliment: “people like you should have more people like you”. 

I am glad that they are.


Steve Sir


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