Every now and then, you get a lovely surprise. Yesterday was such a day.

Every summer, we hire a videographer. This summer, it is Nathan Cochran.

Nathan has a serious workload. This summer, he will create 4 yearbook videos (you will receive yours in the winter), a counselor video at the end of the summer (as a gift to our counselors) and various shorter offerings.

Despite this long list, he wanted to go above and beyond the call of duty.  He decided to make a “thank you parents” video.  This was not assigned to him.  He simply thought that it must be tough to be a parent.  Your children are having all the fun and you are missing them. So he made this video second session.   

In the craziness of the last days of camp, he could not quite get the video completed before the end of last session. He shared it with us on Monday.

As I said, a nice surprise.

Admittedly, it is from last session, but I still want to share it with you.  Please know that your children appreciate your gift of camp.

Here is the link:


Steve Sir


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