This summer we got some exciting news. Leah Ma’am and Robbie Sir will be having a baby!

Leah Mesches has been our much-beloved Girls Camp Director since 2008.  She and Robbie married in 2009. [Note: Robbie has been one of our summer directors for 6 years and has been a true superstar as well.]  I knew they were perfect for each other even before I met Robbie. Let me share a story to tell you why.

When we were interviewing for her position, Leah was one of over 80 applicants for the job.  Leah was one of 2 finalists that we flew to Texas for a final set of interviews.

We were having a camper reunion in San Antonio, so we flew her into the San Antonio airport, picked her up and took her to the event. After the party, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, which was close to the reunion location.

That was when we learned she was a vegetarian.

As I look back on it, I marvel at her composure. She arrived from New Jersey and promptly went to an event where everyone knew each other and was then whisked to a restaurant providing almost nothing she could eat (celery stalks do not count).

But Leah Ma’am was unflappable. Over the next two days, she met everyone, toured the camp and survived 6-7 interviews.

Leah Ma’am was our unanimous pick.

A week later, I called her to offer the job. She was excited and even giddy. She would give notice and head to Texas in 5 weeks.

One hour later, my phone rang. It was Leah Ma’am, “Steve Sir, I need to talk with you.”  I could tell from her tone that she dreaded the conversation.  I told her to feel free to share whatever she felt was on her heart.

She then explained that she feared that she had been selfish.  She had been dating Robbie for many years and the relationship had reached a level where she thought that they should be together and not apart.  He was getting his masters in education in Georgia and would be there at least one more year.  She wanted to join Camp Champions as much as anything, but she felt she needed to forgo our offer in order to show Robbie the importance of their relationship to her.

I was crestfallen, but I knew that finding your lifelong companion is more important than any job.  I could simply tell her that it was our loss and that I would notify our other candidate that she would be the Girls Director. We concluded the call with each of us wishing the other well.

Thirty minutes later, a final call came in. This time Leah Ma’am was buoyant. Here is what she shared.

“Steve Sir, I just got off the phone with Robbie. I told him that I chose to pass on the Champions job in order for us to be together.  Robbie hesitated and then told me I was crazy. He stressed that he loves me and that he wants us together as well.  But he knows how excited I have been through this entire process. He said that I should come to Camp Champions and that he would come to Austin once he finished his degree. I am in!”

So both Leah and Robbie were more worried about each other than themselves. 

That is when I know they would be a special pair. It is also why I am certain they will be wonderful parents.

Congrats to this lovely couple!


Steve Sir

P.S.  Leah Ma’am trained last year to teach yoga.  This picture comes from a yoga demonstration during Counselor Orientation.


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