Today, I will attempt to share an activity from the girls side: Miss Champini.  I did not see it myself, but Susie Ma’am told me enough to describe it to you. I wish I had been there.

Miss Champini is one of those wonderful camp traditions that brings out creativity and silliness.  Each cabin chooses a camp-related theme and dresses their counselor as this item.  The cabin then presents their counselor (in full costume) to the girls side of camp and the counselor has to perform a skit and answer questions. This year, we saw the following:
  • A “Blue Band” (the wrist marker that means you cannot swim for a health-related reason).
  • A friendship bracelet who explained her ability to bring peace to a cabin.
  • A chicken battling a goat. We have some of both in our petting zoo. Also, the horseback crew added “goat rustling” as a special activity, so goats are big now.
  • Naga the mountain goat. Our Ropes Department Head tells a story about a constellation called Naga the goat (I told you goats are big). Naga climbed the highest mountain in the world and became an example of persistence.  The girls in this cabin then modeled this by “climbing” over cabinmates that were symbolic of the mountain.  A few got confused and climbed Naga as well.  Susie Ma’am lost it when she saw this.
  • The former swim bay that is now only half a dock.  The counselor attempted one handed push-ups and hopped on one leg.
  • Susie Ma’am walking with Dodger the dog (or a stuffed animal that served as a proxy).
  • One featured a counselor wearing a Hawaiian shirt.  “Like my tropical shirt? Me too.  The name’s Bill.  I’m Tropical Storm Bill. Frankly, I am overrated.” She then sprayed campers with a water gun and said “here comes the flood . . . you are deluged”. [Note: We realize that this storm was a much bigger problem in other parts of the state.  I certainly do not want to make light of that.  I think the cabin was having fun at our expense, as all week we were preparing campers for heavy inclement weather and got essentially nothing.]

The evening was made even more entertaining when the 11th grade Senior Campers (the SCATS) decided to take their responsibility as hosts extra seriously.

Several days ago, they were brainstorming about a theme for Champini.  One Senior Camper casually mentioned that she had a Justin Beiber costume.  Many a skit has been born with less than this.

They decided to create a dance (that is the photo I share) and then say that each of the Champini contestants were auditioning to be Beiber’s opening act.  BTW, I love the bouncers in the wings. 

Susie reports it was the best Champini she has ever seen. Not a bad night.


Steve Sir


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