I am delighted to report that the first day of camp was a true triumph. 

We started with Flag Raising – our morning tradition that helps us begin the day with some fun and laughter. After raising the flag, we have a series of short, amusing vignettes.  Robbie Sir teaches silly dance moves based on activities at camp; Spencer Duran dispenses advice in his “Common Spence” segment, Michael Burch tells us about things that are “totally... _awesome”_ and Greg Golf shares “Giggles with Greg” – a truly silly 45 seconds where he basically acts silly. 

From there, we had a fine breakfast and then launched into a morning of 4 activities and “Fruit Frenzy” (our mid-morning fruit break). The camp was alive with sounds I have come to love:

  • Encouraging cheers for a friend ascending our new climbing wall,
  • Ski boats pulling newly-minted kneeboarders or skiers,
  • Laughter from the outdoor kitchen,
  • Whistles from soccer,
  • Spontaneous songs erupting from teenage girls,
  • Pickleball rallies.

In our house, Susie Ma’am and I each hosted 4 cabins to get to know the campers.  I share more about “Friendship Circle” and “Man Cave” here: http://blog.campchampions.com/counselor/man-cave-and-friendship-circle , but basically we bring each cabin into the house for a one hour session where we share stories and talk about camp.  We love the chance to spend time with every camper while they are here.


After lunch, Susie Ma’am, Craw Ma’am and our Division Leaders hosted two events exclusively for the first time campers – one for the girls and one for the boys.   At each, we served cookies and milk in our living room. We also gave them a chance to ask any question that they might have.  Sometimes first time campers do not want to look clueless in front of their cabinmates, so questions might remain unasked.  These gatherings help let them know that there are many people who are ready and willing to answer any question they might have.  Most importantly, we want them to KNOW that they are loved and valued.  We told them that it is safe place and that it is our job to help them if they have any struggles or questions.  We believe it is critical that campers always know that they are surrounded by supportive adults.


Right after dinner, we had enjoyed Green Acres, a silly run-around game where groups of campers chase counselors painted as barnyard animals.

Nope, it does not make sense to me either. But it was good camp fun. I am sure you will see lots of pictures featuring Green Acres in the daily pictures. Here is one to hold you over.


We concluded a little time for free play before the boys and girls had separate Torchlight ceremonies.

The day was truly full and truly delightful. I cannot wait for tomorrow.

Steve Sir


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