JJ-_Joy_boys_on_treePlease allow me a personal note.


This last Spring, my younger brother passed away after a one year battle with cancer.  Today is father’s day.  It would have been his 49th birthday.


JJ was a great father, husband and friend.  


We miss him dearly, but he is still with us.  Last year during orientation, he talked to the counselors about how important their impact can be on children.  He explained that he was sending his sons to camp even though he wanted to treasure every moment with them: “You can help teach my sons some things that I cannot - but if I am going to make this sacrifice, I need you to do the best job you can.”


We reminded the counselors of this powerful responsibility they have and the opportunity it presents.


We are also planning a building that will house a camp library to make sure there is a physical memorial as well as an emotional one.


I believe that the important people in our lives never truly leave us.  In fact, their legacies and memories help inform our actions and inspire our hearts.  But we still miss them.


With that thought, I wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day!


Steve Sir