Here at camp we love to play and to have fun! Who doesn’t?! Creative play at camp helps campers learn social skills, problem solving, communication, and other useful skills necessary in child development. The notion of creative using play as a tool to promote learning is rare in most schools. But here at camp, we believe children learn best in a relaxed and playful atmosphere. Children have the natural ability to let their imaginations run wild as they create games during their free play. Yet, with a decline in recess time at schools and an increase in screen time at home, playtime is more valuable than ever.


We believe sending your child to camp is one of the best gifts you can give them.  Camp Champions encourages creative learning by giving our campers the freedom to learn through the discoveries they make by themselves and with their cabin mates. Campers are engaged in the world and the people around them. The benefits of camp are plenty and it is because we provide an atmosphere for your children that allows them to play, learn, and grow!

4 Ways Camp Champions Encourages Creative Learning

We praise creativity! Campers are faced with daily challenges that require them to collaborate together to achieve a goal. Making up roll calls for Torchlight, playing group games in their activities, and working on cabin plaques all require cabin mates to communicate, share ideas, and work together to complete a task. Although it appears the campers are focused on having fun, it is the problem solving skills, creativity, and abstract thinking developed during this time that are long-term benefits campers gain at camp. Campers feel free to imagine, create, and try out new ways of doing things.

Less technology and more play. Between televisions, computer screens, and smart phones, it’s quite challenging to go a day without spending time looking at a screen. Camp Champions replaces all that screen time with play time. Rather than communicating through text and email, campers are having actual interactions with their peers and counselors throughout the day. This improves their social skills, communication, and helps create strong bonds with other campers.  There is more time to be outside, share stories, and bond with other people.

Our counselors look for teachable moments. We believe our counselors are the best of the best! They are role models, leaders, and passionate about working with children. Each child is capable of learning and growing, and it the counselor’s job to recognize this and encourage campers to become leaders. Counselors lead nightly talks and create cabin bonding moments that encourage independent thinking. Campers gain confidence in developing and presenting their thoughts and ideas. Our counselors create a safe and encouraging atmosphere for campers. Campers learn through self expression and by listening to the ideas and stories of other campers.

Our activities are focused on teaching useful skills. Campers get the opportunity to try new things such as climbing the rock wall, skiing on Lake LBJ, and shooting a bow and arrow at camp. We challenge campers to experiment and take reasonable risks that put them out of their comfort zones. Each activity offers campers a chance to learn a skill or overcome a fear that will give them confidence in their abilities and proud of what they are capable of. Older campers have the freedom to choose which activity they want to go to which allows campers to follow their interests and increase their knowledge of an activity. Our activities make learning fun and enjoyable.

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