Rain_DaySometimes the rain is a little invisible.

Weather can provide challenges, but also opportunities.  For example, a rainstorm can compete interrupt a day of activities.  On the surface, this may seem like an unfortunate situation.  After all, most people think camp is about the stuff that we do – riding horses, climbing walls, learning to ski, shooting archery, etc.

But I have come to believe that camp is primarily about community and growth. 

So the rainstorm that ended the regular activities actually provides a special bonding opportunity for each cabin.  Campers come together for some extra time to chat, play cards, tell jokes, make sheet forts and simply enjoy each other and their counselors. 

So when camp has perfectly clear weather, we miss these opportunities. 

So we declared that it rained for the afternoon today.  Do not be fooled by the cerulean blue sky or the dry ground, we scheduled some rain time.  The girls got together in Town Hall and had one of their favorite events – Sing Song.  During Sing Song, each cabin of girls rewrites the words to a song and perform it (with choreography) for the rest of the girls at camp.

On the boys’ side, we spent most of the afternoon hanging out in the cabin with the final 40 minutes being some group games around camp. 

It used to disappoint me when we would build an amazing new activity like the pool , our tower or the Pirate Ship only to have campers say that their best memories are card games and story sessions.  “We worked so hard to make something that you should love – I wish that was your favorite.”  I have matured since then.

I simply revel in the idea that campers derive joy by connecting to other people without any technology at all.  The boys do not need an X-Box and the girls are swapping photos on Instagram.  Instead, they are talking, laughing, giggling and bonding.

Be thankful for the rain.

Steve Sir