SRB_at_HarvardYesterday, I shared Steve’s speech at Harvard.  Today I would like to share two other items that I hope you will enjoy. 

First, Steve has been writing for Psychology Today for almost 3 full years.  His blog is called “S’mores and More” and shares insights in parenting, youth development and education.  

He has written roughly 30 different articles, but let me share my favorites. 

This one describes how attending a summer camp can help children when they reach college: 

This one talks about how “failure” can actually be a gift: 

This final one talks about how our kids do not think we are “cool” and that is fine with us: 

Finally, I would like to share the TEDx talk he did 2 years ago in San Antonio.  I think he looks pretty good in this (but that might just be a wife speaking): 

I look forward to giving him back the blogging keyboard tomorrow.  He arrived late Wednesday night in time for our weekly counselor meeting. 

Susie ma’am