Susie_chickenThere are times when it seems a little hard to explain what we do. 

Our team believes we help children grow in meaningful and important ways. Children who come to camp learn skills that help them thrive later in life.  (See the article today about 21st Century Skills.)

Sounds serious, eh?  A person who does that should dress like a professional, right?  Perhaps not.

The picture with this article is Susie Ma’am.  Yep – a woman with a masters degree and mother of four.  This is business attire for her.

But as I think about it, I realize this is wonderful.  Sometimes we think that growth must entail struggle.  People tell us “no pain, no gain”.  We assume that things that are fun or taste good or entertain us are bad for us.

In most cases, this is true.  A huge piece of cheesecake is not full of nutrients.  Too many pieces of cheesecake can lead to excess weight and health challenges.

But camp is different.  Camp is fun, but it is also growth.  The challenges and struggles are there (trying new things, being away from home, living with new people, etc), but the experience is positive, silly, uplifting and splashed with joy.  The fun and joy disguise the challenges.  Campers do not realize they are becoming more confident, developing independence, honing social skills and learning skills.

Camp is like cheesecake that gives you ripped abs and lowers your cholesterol. 

Perhaps it is the fun that has led people to underappreciate summer camp.  One of my goals is to help parents understand how a committed camp can be part of the development of their children. 

Even if it means wearing a chicken suit to work.

Steve Sir