rainbow_chairs_color_215 months ago, I got to know Dr. Madeline Levine during the National Conference of the American Camp Association.  She is the best-selling writer of  “Teach Your Children Well” and ”The Price of Privilege”. She was a keynote speaker at the conference and delivered a wonderful endorsement of summer camp.  As a member of the national board, I got a chance to sit down with her and talk about her experiences as a camper and as the mother of three boys who all grew in important ways at their camps.

She was lovely and did a great job explaining why camp can have such a powerful impact on children.  I encouraged her to share this message with others and she assured me that she would.  At a recent camp conference in California, she gave another talk in which she reported that she is now actively endorsing camps and explained why.

Please check out the 3 1/2 minute summary of her talk.  It does a wonderful job of summarizing her thoughts.


Steve Sir