Coed Vs Single Sex Camps: Advantages of a Single Sex Camp

Advantages-of-a-single-sex-camp-championsDeciding whether to send your child to a single sex camp or a coed camp can be an important determining factor when choosing a summer camp. Remember, this is one of only many things to consider when selecting a summer camp.

The benefits of camp- youth development, lasting friendships and taking reasonable risks - are the primary goal of camp regardless of it being single sex or coed. This article will outline some of the popular options for families as well as highlight the advantages of a single sex camp. However, I urge you to also read the companion piece highlighting the benefits of a coed camp. This will help you and your family discuss one of the many issues relevant when choosing the best summer camp experience.

Types of Summer Camps

When it comes to choosing summer camps based on gender, there are three types of camps, outlined below:

Single Sex Camps

Single sex camps are just what they sound like, they operate to serve either boys or girls. All the counselors will be of the same sex and so will most of the staff.

For Example: Camp Stewart and Heart o’ the Hills

Brother - Sister Camps

Brother Sister camps operate for all intents and purposes as single sex camps for most the term. The facilities are often separate, on opposite sides of a lake or across a shared property. Boys and Girls have their own counselors and staff. They typically go to their own activities. They will have some shared activities, including eating meals as one large camp and special events together like dances and all camp games.

For Example: Camp Kenwood - Evergreen in NH

Coed Camps

Coed Camps operate with both sexes at camp. The line between brother - sister camps and coed camps is often blurred. The interaction between boys and girls can be slightly higher at Coed camps. The biggest difference being shared activity areas. Housing and counselor staffs will always be separate.

Advantages of a single sex camp

Social issues among boys and girls are kept to a minimum. This effect is pronounced among older campers where these issues are already creeping into the school setting. Not having to worry about the distraction of ‘how you look’ in front of the opposite sex lets kids just be themselves and return focus back to primary benefits of camp.

Schools are already coed, attending a single sex camp can make the experience unique and very rewarding.

Friendships formed can be much more intense and deeper bonds form when the focus is on brotherhood or sisterhood, as opposed to trying to impress the opposite sex.

There are advantages to single sex camps, however, the argument is not complete without looking at the advantage of attending a coed or brother - sister camp. Learn more about the benefits of attending a coed camp.

If you would like to learn more about finding the right summer camp experience for your family we have provided some helpful guides and resources for you to explore:


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