Flame still burns

I must warn you – there is not a lot of blog here.

Tonight is our next to last night.  We will have skits, fireworks, warlords (a game that the Senior Campers play that is much less bellicose than the name suggests), pizza parties and serious bonding.

For dinner, Susie Ma’am and I will meet with the SCATS and 009, the soon-to-be-graduates of the Senior Camper program.  They returned from a three day retreat yesterday during which each of them wrote a mission statement about his or her life.

I find this so impressive every time that it happens.  Few people have taken the time or effort to create a personal mission statement about their lives.  Yet here is a group of rising high school seniors that have spent hours (literally on a mountain top) trying to decide what they are all about.  They will not tell us their careers (they do not know) or the number of children they might have (again – who knows), but they will share what will always be true – their values and their commitment to others.

We cook a lovely meal in the OCP (Outdoor Cooking Pavilion) followed by a gathering in the house where they share their mission statements.

Robbie Sir (our soon-to-be 30 year-old Director at Large) went on the trip for the first time ever.  He was sufficiently impressed with the process that he also created a personal mission statement.

At our counselor meeting last night, I saw a group of counselors that are dreading the departure of their campers.  We all talked about making the “last 48 hours” the best hours of all.

So please accept my apology for being reluctant to write a great deal.  At these moments, Susie Ma’am and I want to spend as much time with our campers as we can.

See you soon (too soon)!

Steve Sir

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