TOrchlight wetThe rain continues to give us gifts.

It is cool and overcast.  A lovely breeze comes off the lake, making everyone just a little quicker to smile.

Puddles remain for the Rookies.

The weather scared off all the boats on the lake, so despite the fact that it barely rained at all today, we had Lake LBJ to ourselves.  This enabled us to have the Lake Swim after breakfast rather than at 6:30 AM - a huge hit with the campers.  For those of your who have ever attempted to wake a 7th or 8th grader, you will appreciate how this eases life.  [Note: the Lake Swims went very well with every eligible camper completing the challenge.  I saw tears of joy and relief, but mostly I saw prouder campers!]

Plants that were looking a little peaked have rebounded and look strong again.

But I think the best beneficiary of the weather was the girls’ Sing Song - one of the favorite girls’ traditions.  Every girls cabin rewrites the words to a song to make it about camp.  They then choreograph the song and perform for “Sing Song”.

With the rain yesterday, the girls got extra cabin time.  While boys made forts and joked around, many girls cabins took the extra couple of hours to practice.

Also, since the Forum (the girls’ auditorium) was really wet, we decided to move Sing Song to Town Hall - one of our closed and insulated spaces.

These two factors clearly made a difference.  Susie Ma’am and the girls’ leadership team report that last night was the best Sing Song in recent memory.  The practice made the songs tighter and the venue provided excellent acoustics.  The youngest girl campers were mesmerized.

The guys were far less sophisticated.  We had our Torchlight in our usual place (see the picture) and then had the Aquanaut basketball game.  The game is a huge hit for most of the campers while others sat together playing “Magic” or other card games.  I love the fact that our community allows opportunities to pursue individual interests.  The die-hard ballers loved the game while the lovers of fantasy found their own amusement.  This type of flexibility helps send the signal that everyone has a place at camp  - which is one of the most important tenets of our community.

Tomorrow is dance night.  We are getting close (too close) to the end.

Steve Sir

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