One of the Most Frequently Asked Questions for Camp Owners:


Our family wants to host yours! Our family wants to host yours!

Since Susie and I started camp full time in 1993, we have heard the same question over a thousand times:

When will you have a camp for grown-ups?

For years, we simply had no answer.

Five years ago, we found our answer:

Camp Champions Family Camp!

In September 2009, we experimented with a camp for parents AND their campers.  [s1] We hoped to have 6-8 families for this first effort.  We ended up with 24 registering!  In the end, 9 families had to cancel as a result of Hurricane Ike (hard to enjoy a weekend at camp if your roof has a hole in it).  Each season, we have had more families join us.  We now offer a family camp every fall and historically, it fills fast!

We now have families from many unexpected places expressing interest:

  • Champions alumni without children,
  • friends of camp families that have never been here,
  • families interested in sending campers in 1-2 years who want to get a feel for our place
  • random other folks.


In short, we have strongly underestimated the demand among parents to share a camp-like experience with their children.

What Goes On During Family Camp?

We designed camp to give you all the aspects of camp that your family will enjoy together, while modifying a few to reflect adults’ tastes.

For example, we will have most of the favorite activities of camp available: waterskiing, ropes course, water toys, the pool, archery, kayaks, crafts, nature, ga-ga, disc golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, fishing, climbing wall as well as a few others that we are thinking about.  We will have a Torchlight ceremony with some skits and camp songs.  In the later evening, you will enjoy s’mores and astronomy.

The modifications generally concern food.  We will be having some camp favorites for the kids, but we also augment the menu to reflect adult tastes.  For example, last year we served pizza and caesar salad (one of the campers’ top choices) with a selection of 5 salads –  lovely salads targeting mom and dad (featuring seafood, hearts of palm, artichokes, and other great stuff).  Our final dinner was a mexican fiesta with a band.

Also, unlike camp, we allow Family Campers to have adult beverages.  Of course, our counselors will not be drinking while they are working, but Susie and I truly enjoy sharing a glass of wine with some of our dear camp friends.

When is Family Camp?

This year, we will be having Family Camp in the fall 3 days and 2 nights, September 27-29.

Camp will start with a dinner on the first day and end with brunch on the last day.

What Does it Cost?

We have heard a few parents say that they would like to attend Family Camp, but perhaps a cabin is a tad on the rustic side.  With this in mind, we have priced it so that the camp and the accommodations are separate.

Family Camp

Campers ages 6-99                            $115.00

Campers ages 3-5                              $  57.50

Campers 2 and under[1]                     Free

Cabin                                                       $275


Several families have already told us that they plan to come with 1 or 2 other families and share a cabin.  Doing so makes it even more like camp and also makes it less expensive as the three families can split the cost of the cabin.

If you think this sounds appealing, please send an email to Robyn Rosebberg to let us know which session sounds best for you and how many campers you might bring,  For the children, please give us their ages as well.  You can email her at or register at

We hope to see you there along with any other intrepid souls ready for a fun and memorable weekend!

Steve Sir and Susie Ma’am

[1] Little ones are free, but we assume that parents will watch their own baby-campers!

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