Susie Ma’am and I love having returning campers.  This spring, we hosted a retreat for our 10th graders and 11th graders.  We had over 80 campers attend with an average camp tenure of almost 7 summers.  Looking at their gathered faces I was amazed to realize that they had over 500 summers of camp experience between them.

We felt like proud parents seeing these extraordinary young men and women that we have known and nurtured for so many years.  We share in their triumphs as well as their struggles.  They are truly part of our family.

We love having our campers back.  We become quite attached to each of them and hope to see them return each summer.

With this in mind, we want to make it easy to re-register for camp in 2013.

At closing, we will provide you with material to re-register for next summer.  We have also e-mailed you a form you can fill out in advance.  We will have several registration tables to answer any questions.  Families registering early will get our Early Bird Registration deal.  Early Birds get this years rate next year  and 100 champs for your camper to use next year.

We are even opening up our on-line registrations early so that you can re-register that way!

“But Steve Sir, what if we are not sure yet if we plan to return?”

In the past, we did not have a great answer for that. The Early Bird deal was available only at closing and for the 10 days following closing.  Many parents went on vacation and forgot to sign up early and missed the offer.

With this in mind, we changed our policy last year. This year, the Early Bird deal will be available until October 1st.   We chose October 1st because this is the first date that we accept registrations from new families.  Until October 1st, we only accept applications from returning campers and their siblings.

Moving the deadline to October 1st will give you and your camper ample time to reflect on the summer and decide if and when you will come back next year.  Of course, if you know you plan to return, we would love to have you re-register at camp.  If you do sign-up at camp, we will give you a Camp Champions Poster as an extra thank you – I feel certain that this will be the new status symbol for the coming season!

We look forward to seeing you at Closing!

Susie Ma’am and Steve Sir

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