Robbie and WrigleyToday is a crazy day.


We have a full day of activities – over 6 hours of fun and skill-development.


But it feels like the day is just half over then.


Our oldest Senior Campers returned yesterday from a 3 day retreat to the Davis Mountains where they hiked, watched sunsets and wrote personal mission statements.  Today, we had a banquet for them.  After the banquet, each of them shared their mission statements.  It is truly remarkable to hear the thoughts and intentionality of talented 17 year-olds.


From there, we went to Torchlight, where we had announcements followed by the “World’s Greatest Counselor Skits” (with no national ranking of counselor skits, we feel safe making this claim).  We had some music, story-telling, and 5 separate skits.  We had counselors “crying to Adele”, having staged battles with watermelon (don’t ask) and performing with hula hoops.


If that is not enough, we THEN had a massive fireworks display for 20 minutes.


Not enough yet?  OK, we then had pizza delivered to the cabins that passed enough inspections (a difficult effort).


We finished with the Senior Campers playing a game under the lights for an hour.


In short, it is late and I am pooped.


But I am also happy.  This has been a stellar session.  The campers are tremendous.  The counselors are all focused on their kids and helping them grow.  The new improvements are all delighted the campers.


The session just feels great.  I will deeply miss this group of campers – they are a special bunch.  You are lucky to be getting them back.


Susie Ma’am and I look forward to seeing many of you on Closing Day.  Please make a point to come by and say hello!


Steve Sir

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