We had an uneventful day.

We have been packing.  We turn in the campervan tomorrow morning, so we need to arrange the chaos of the past 19 days into 10 large bags and 6 backpacks.

This is not that much fun at all.

I do not know exactly what to share that will amuse you, so this will be short.

We will share our favorite example of odd marketing in New Zealand.

The folks at McGregor’s are proud of their pies, but they might have some of the oddest ways to express this.  Lets look at the ad in detail.  First, they claim to be successful since “Adam was a cowboy”.  I missed this part of Adam’s history, but I will take their word for it.

Second, they extol me to “Wrap my laughing gear around one today”.  I find this both amusing and slightly too familiar.  What I do with my laughing gear remains my business.

Third, we have the coup d’etat: “Baked at Sparrows Fart”.  I am all for being proud of your home.  I also believe that one should make the best of bad situations.  But when you are trying to sell foodstuff, I generally advise avoiding any reference to flatulence, be it avian or not.

That is it for today.  I think we will have more tomorrow.

Steve Sir

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