This should make an odd blog.

Let me explain why.

It is easier to write when I have time to write.  BUT, it is easier to write when I have something to write about.  As a result, uneventful days lead to early bedtimes and boring blogs.  Crazy days find me sitting outside my room fighting mosquitos and trying to decide what to share.

This is one of the latter days.  We had a full and wonderful day.  We woke and left late, but we saw much of the best of Chiang Mai’s offerings.  We visited three temples.  The first was clearly off the tourist grid. It was lovely.

The second was incredibly popular (as one of the three most sacred Buddhist sites in Thailand).  We were with a couple of thousand of our nearest and dearest friends.

The last was a ruin in the middle of town that was incredibly memorable.

After the temples, we visited one of the great restaurants of Thailand.  Apparently, people fly from Bangkok for the day to have a meal there.  It was inspiring.

After our spectacular meal, we ventured to the night market for the second day.  This market is based on the idea that shopping in the day in Thailand is too darn hot.  As a result, they have long post-sunset markets.  At the night market here, we did not get anything. Not because nothing was interesting, but because the Baskin females were on a mission.

They wanted fish to eat them.

This is not a misprint.  A special type of fish is used to exfoliate your feet, ankles and lower legs from . . . I have no idea.  Remember, my beloved readers, I am a guy.  Exfoliation sounds like a sci-fi effect.  We do not thus indulge.  The gals, however, wanted to meet the fish.

In an odd move, I joined the ladies.  I want to say that I am delighted I did so, but I am not sure.  This establishment offers free wifi and 30 minutes with your feet in the water with fish that have an unusual interest in your flesh.  For the entire half-hour, I sat in place as I prayed that no piranha would be in the pool.

It was great.

We ended the night at a blues bar.  I am sad to say that we left the blues area around 11.  It beckoned that we stay, but we had a tired crew and an elephant trip to take tomorrow, so we left early.  We should not have.  I have attended over 50 blues shows and I love the genre.  I mention this because our band was truly great.  While I have seen more elegant players, non matched the style and insight of our lead guitarist.  It was a truly expected serendipity in Chiang Mai!

I will conclude with some artsy shots.  We took a lot of shots and thought you might enjoy the best.   If not, please put on your favorite blues CD (I recommend Stevie Ray Vaughn or Buddy Guy) and remember that the blues “is just a good man feeling down” (BB King).

Tomorrow, we hang with Elephants, so it is time to sleep!  See you tomorrow!

Steve Sir


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