Children learn in interesting ways.

For the past ten days, we have been trying to teach them the history of Vietnam and Cambodia.  A huge part of the history is the fact that both were colonies of France (Indochina) for roughly a century between 1858 and 1954.

The kids seem to follow much of the history, but they have seemed to forget the French.  We solved that problem today.

We bought them 6 fantastic French pastries that were of Parisian quality.  Suddenly, they remember the French presence.

If only dates were food, they would know it all!


The Streets of Hanoi

We have walked many places, from the Avenues of Paris to the paths of Nepal.  Hanoi is different.

We saw color.

Unknown foods.

Some exotic ingredients..

Ginseng root that looks like a reject from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

And some less appealing fare.

We could deal with the misc mammal parts, but the following image really bothered us a lot.  The Vietnamese believe that turtle blood helps male virility.  As you might guess, this is NOT good news for the turtles.

We also saw some safe practices.  This guy is welding using the safety goggles that he was born with.

Liam Making Friends

While we walked the city, we saw a few photo shoots.  One was for classy evening wear.

One was clearly focused on wedding dresses.  The model looked tired and bored.  Liam tried to cure that.


Wiley Hits It Big

I could write a lot about this, but let the picture speak for itself.

Another Nice Shot of the Girls

Until tomorrow.

Steve Sir

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