I have found that the challenge of this blog is a result of the majesty of the locations.  It is easy to blog on a boring day, but harder on a busy one.

If a city is truly spectacular, even the sleep-loving Susie loves staying out late.  Being night owls, however, is not great when you also want to write a full article that same night.

Tonight is such a night.

We attacked Sevilla on International Tourist Day, so every site was free.  I am not sure that this effected our travel plans, but it delighted the kids who had become accustomed to big fees.

We visited the Seville Cathedral, the 3rd largest gothic church in the world.  It was too big (like St Peter’s in the Vatican) and essentially confused us.  Nevertheless, it was both fun and educational.

From there, we visited he Alcaraz, another Moorish site converted to a Christian palace.  It was fun and relaxing.  I think the kids long to be moorish prince and princesses!

We saw the Golden Tower, the Plaza of Spain and the Plaza of the Americas.  We saw a lot.

Our day ended at an international festival.  I truly hope I have a better connection in Madrid, as I will share pictutes of the wonderful woman from Kenya that we fell in love with.

Until then, I must leave you with this sad thought .  Tomorrow, we part from Kenny.  He will reappear in our lives in Texas, but we deliver him to a place in Madrid tomorrow for the final drive this trip. I think that we will add a little extra excitement with Susie staying with 3 of the kids while Liam becomes the navigator and I the driver.

I agree. I cannot see anyway that this will go poorly!

Until tomorrow . . .

Steve Sir


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