If you are new to Camp Champions, I must warn you that we are a jargon-riddled organization.  There are times that half the words in a sentence might make no sense to an outsider.  Here is a partial translation guide:

Coliseum - The amphitheater that hosts Torchlight for boys and unified Torchlights.

Torchlig-t - Our evening gathering for announcements, songs and skits.

Forum - The amphitheater that hosts Torchlight for girls only.

Parthenon - The boys’ covered gym.

Olympia - The girls’ covered gym.

Acropolis - The heart of the girls’ side of camp - office, treat area, hang out spot.

Trojans and Spartans - The teams that every camper becomes a part of.  Trojans are blue and Spartans are red.  This will help translate future photos.  BTW, Leadership is all in “Purple Peace”, which represents the combination of red and blue and is not an album by Prince.


OK, at this point, you clear have determined that camp has a Hellenic/roman theme.  Not so fast, my dear readers, we also like our silly names.

Fillin Station - Our dining hall, where you “get filled up”.  No association with dental work.

Ill Eagles Nest - Our health center.  Our first nurse was “Nurse Byrd” who liked puns.

Love Field and The Supreme Courts - Our two pairs of tennis courts.

Farrah’s Faucet - A drinking fountain next to Love Field featuring a joke that no camper and few counselors even get.

Old Faceful - A water fountain with an enthusiastic amount of water pressure.

Historic Mansion - the 160+ year old log cabin that sits on Camp Road.

Indy - The go-kart track.

“The LL” - Our counselor lounge.  When we bought the camp, it was in terrible repair, so LL stood for “leprosy lounge”, but after building a new one that was 5 times bigger than the old one, it is now the “Leadership Lounge”.


But wait, we have yet another theme - Baseball.  Here are some additional names:

Home Plate - the main office.

Dugout - The boys program office.

Astrodome - Our large baseball field

Runnels Field - Our smaller baseball named after one of our founders who beat Ted Williams for the American League batting title.


We have a few odd names that do not fit into any of the above categories:

The Lone Star Pavilion - the center of our arts area.  It is the shape of a star with a fire pit in the middle. The 5 sides of the star have engraved granite plates saying “Camp Champions”,  “Respect”, “Responsibility”, “Reaching Out” and “Reasonable Risks”

Town Hall - Our meeting space where we have drama.

OCP - The Outdoor Cooking Pavilion.  OCP also stands for “Oatmeal Cr�me Pie” a favorite of several of our directors.


OK, we also have the “lets just call it the obvious stuff” category.

Kayak cove - The cove where we kayak.  Yep.

The Pool - The pool where we swim.  Kinda obvious, no?

Boys swimbay - I am not going to keep doing this, you can figure out this section on your own.

Girls swimbay

The Petting Zoo


The Archery Range

The Music Room


I hope you find this guide helpful when you read our articles, blogs or letters from home!

Steve Sir


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