Every August after camp ends, we spend several days brainstorming ideas to improve camp.  We read the parent surveys, share comments from our staff and make our own observations.

We then create a list of potential projects.  From there, we call colleagues from other camps to ask about their summers.  We read articles and we call experts.

After all of this, we come up with a final project list.

This year, it was ridiculous.  Most of you already know about the physical improvements.  I will not go into detail, but let me briefly outline them:

  1. The Outdoor Cooking Pavilion – I told you about this yesterday.
  2. Herb Garden at the OCP – With a great facility, we wanted great ingredients.
  3. Petting zoo – pygmy goats, pigs, tortoise, box turtle and bunnies.  I am already getting great stories from the campers.
  4. Rainbow Serpent – new element at the Ropes Course.  We will show pictures later.
  5. New Rookie Bathroom – we finally demolished the original bathroom and built a brand new, highly attractive one.
  6. New Entryway – you saw some of it at opening, it will be finished by closing!
  7. Rebuilt Boathouse – bigger, more slips, more solid, really cool.
  8. New top-of-the-line Nautique Ski Boat – featuring the colors of the Jamaican flag, this 22.5 foot v-drive boat is the best we have ever had (and is now the pride of our 5 boat fleet).
  9. The Jungle Joe Inflatable Water Toy – I hope you have seen pictures – much fun.
    1. Bigger and more buoyant Lily Pad on the girls side – the girls love to hang out and chat on the lily pad during free swim.  The new one just makes it better.
    1. Rock-It Inflatable Water Toy (in the pool) – the campers have adored this addition.  I am sure you have seen pictures of the campers climbing on, rocking and playing.
    1. Improved Indy Track – over the past 4 years, we have bought new go-carts, added a tunnel, signs and flags.  This year, we widened the course, laid down a better surface and banked the turns slightly.
    1. New Horse Corral- the fence around the corral had become tired and unattractive.  We put in a massive welded pipe structure that is safer and better looking.
    1. Trees – we always plant between 8 and 12 trees each year.  We were on the high side this year.
    1. Stand-Up Paddleboards – We are so excited to add a new water activity this year.  I tried one last year and loved it!
    1. Resided all rookie cabins and several girl cabins.  We also added new doors.
    1. Fillin’ Station extension – No camper will ever see this, but it makes live easier for the kitchen crew, giving them more storage and a break space.

Whew!  We have never taken on this many projects in one year.  As you might imagine, we have been busy.  During January, we had 5 different crews working at camp.  We called it the Camp Champions’ Stimulus Program.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about a scheduling change we made this year that is making for a lot of happy campers!!!


Steve Sir