After writing deep thoughts for several days in a row, I want to just have a fun, campy submission for your approval.

Sparring with a Sprinkler

As I was talking with Susie Ma’am after breakfast, I heard squeals coming from outside.  As I looked out her office window (she has a lovely view of the camp), I saw a group of minis dancing with/fighting against one of the sprinklers.  Their counselor was completely engaged with the game that the girls were leading.  As I watched, I saw our Sport Department Head walk by and eye the fun.  I have no doubt that he had some things that he needed to do, but he joined the group and quickly became soaked.  By the time I was outside to take the picture, the girls had decided to sing “Ring Around the Rosie” and circle the sprinkler.

We spend so much time trying to create amazingly engaging activities, but often the best moments are simply found in a field with a sprinkler.  It reminds me of buying a toy for a 2 year-old or a cat.  You spend hours choosing the toy recommended by the experts.  The child or pet then looks at the item, and plays with the box.  This type of spontaneous and imaginative play is pure and joyous.  I am delighted that we have so much of it among all the fancy options as well.


Bonkers for Basil

Susie Ma’am walked by the Outdoor Cooking Pavilion (OCP) as the 7th grade boys were making their own pizzas in the wood-fired oven.  One called her over and gushed, “Susie Ma’am, did you know that fresh herbs make a fresh pizza even better?  I picked it out of the herb garden and added it myself!”  Emeril, step aside!


Susie Ma’am has an odd soft spot for ducks.  While I do not fully understand it, I am happy that something that fowl can make her happy. [Yes, I deserve to be flogged for that pun.]  Recently, a mated pair has taken to hanging out around our house.  We think that they have discovered that OCP and the occasional snack.  Nevertheless, the regular visits are adding to the cheer here.


From Ducks to Duct Tape

I am not a trendy guy.  I know.  That is hard to believe.  You have seen the spotted pants, so it is hard to imagine that I am not a trend hound. Nevertheless, I am not.

Apparently, duct tape is the rage these days.

Last weekend, while we have been enjoying camp, we missed a great event in our nation: The Duct Tape Festival in Avon, Ohio.  I have no doubt that you, like me, are awash in jealousy.  Duct Tape Festival AND Avon, Ohio?

In any event, people are doing more than basic repairs and fixing Moon Missions (the rescue of Apollo 13 required duct tape).  In fact, it is now the material of choice for fashion and crafts. The most recent Miss America is hoping to be the first ever Miss Duct Tape.

Even if I am clueless, the fine family at Camp Champions is not.  Duct Tape has become a source of great creativity.  Please check out these works!

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Duct tape was also a favorite to enhance the Neon Fever Dance.  We have become fans.

One last factoid.  I love the one thing that duct tape is NOT good for.  You can remove warts (really!), fix lunar probes, accessorize, make clothing and tape yourself to a tree to avoid a flood (also a true story), but you should not use it to tape ducts.  Apparently the temperature changes of many ducts compromises the glue on the tape.  That is awesome.

Steve Sir