I have not missed a day blogging. Not in 56 days in Europe and not in the first 49 in Asia. When I had no internet (Nepal), I still wrote and then posted all of them when I got a connection.

I am now presented with a mild challenge.

We are in Laos on New Years Eve. We are here with friends. And the boys turn 15 tomorrow.

I doubt I will have an opportunity to write anything at the end of this day.

So I am sitting in a cafe at 7:30PM with dinner reservations in 30 minutes.

I will not ruin my record, but I will make this a special and long night.

That means this is a short blog.

Our family wants to wish each of you a specatular New Year. 2011 was a year of great growth and joy. We have said goodbye to wonderful people at camp (like Garcia Ma’am), added other wonderful people to the team (Petie Ma’am, Robyn Ma’am and Allison Ma’am) and our family has started an adventure we will always remember.

We are also deeply blessed with family and friends that are unequaled in their love, support and grace.

In short, 2011 will be a hard act to follow.

Enjoy your day. Hug each other. Remember what gives you true joy and show appreciation.

You are on our list.

Steve Sir

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