Susie has told me to include the following message in this blog.  Since one of my basic strategies of familial bliss is to listen to her, I am doing as she suggests.

About 3 weeks ago, I was asked to blog for Psychology Today on child development and parenting.  Clearly, they have reached a level of desperation in their article sourcing, but we are excited nonetheless.  I have posted 4 articles. To be honest with you, I prefer this blog as it is more free and fun, but I do not argue with Susie. [Note from Susie: Steve did not think to include this, but I think it is pretty cool. One of Steve’s articles was selected by the editorial board as “An Essential Read”. If you are interested in checking them out, please go to This is the end of the proud wife aside.]

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog.

First, a thought on my culinary experiences of late.

Spicy Chinese food is like the high school girlfriend who you enjoyed spending time with, but you know was not good for you.

I have had a bunch of dates with Senorita Hot Pepper lately.  We have fun.  I struggle afterward.  But when she is ready to go out again, there I am.

With that said, I want to tell you about the stunning day we had today.  Most of our China visit has been to cities.  Today, we saw some of its singular beauty.

We floated down the Li River on two rafts for 4 hours.  Few sights match this float in its beauty.

Along the float, we saw water buffalos, cormorants, locals citizens, kia birds and flocks of ducks.

Most notably, we saw mountains unlike any other I have ever seen.  Formed by karsts, they rise up vertically and form exotic shapes.

Rather than try to describe them, I will instill share pictures.

I will tell you that the kids fully appreciated the beauty.  Each found moments of awe.

We live in a world of technological wonders and multitudinous entertainment options, yet too little awe.  Seeing teens and a 10 year-old gaze in wonder at beauty is deeply satisfying.

Steve Sir

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