I feel like a technological failure.

My computer cannot get on the internet. My iPad can, but the computers cannot. I have tried to fight the battle, but I am aware of the fact that we have a long day at Versailles tomorrow and I should not try to become Steve jobs overnight.

I, however, have learned how to upload photos to my iPad and how to edit this blog from the iPad as well.

As a result, you will be getting lots of photos will little commentary.

This church is unlike anything we have seen - it is wall-to-wall stained glass.

Some wonderful daddy time at Notre Dame.

A great view from the Notre Dame tower to the Seine.

We all loved the Notre Dame gargoyles. Here is a sampling:




OK, my tech skills stop before I can rotate this photo, but it is cool nonetheless.


Before I leave, here is an important reminder to never lose your head.


Finally, this falls under the “stuff I was completely sure I would never see” category. Paris. Camels. Sure.


Steve sir

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