It is May.

Camp starts in May.

This is cool.

In less than 2 weeks, our Leadership Team and all of our counselors will be arriving to bond, train and ready camp for our campers.  We have a fantastic group coming in.  I know the Leadership Team will be as good as any we have ever had.  We are also excited about the counselors that will join us.  It is a wonderful mix of returning favorites, senior camper graduates and new-to-CC folks.  We are putting the finishing touches on Orientation.  This is going to be fun.

We have had to do a little extra hiring.  We have been elated by the excitement and interest in camp this spring.  The phones are ringing all the time and we are signing up new families in the few slots that we have left.

We mostly cannot wait to see the campers!  We are all passionate about the powerful benefits of camp on children, but we only get to work with the campers for 3 months.  The rest of the year, we are planning improvements, recruiting counselors and learning how to be even more effective.  We are particularly excited about some of the improvements this summer:

  • The Screamer!
  • The huge (24 foot!) fan in the Parthenon
  • The modifications to the schedule that has more morning classes than afternoon classes
  • The new Fire Truck (we are constantly thinking of new ways to use this thing)
  • Hampster Balls, booger wars and lazer tag (during All Camp Fun Day)
  • A few other surprises

So, if you are a camper or counselor, start planning your Dance outfits and practicing your favorite camp songs, because CAMP IS COMING SOON!!