Here at Camp Champions we think it’s important to make sure that camp is in great shape for the upcoming summer, but we also spend time giving back to the community in many ways. We take care of our adopted 2 mile section of Highway 1431 by maintaining it throughout the year. We clean this portion of the road a total of 6 times a year. During each of the 3 terms throughout the summer, our Senior Campers go out and pick up trash and make the road a prettier site to see. Our counselors also do a cleanup during orientation. In addition to this, our Outdoor School Staff go out to beautify the road twice a year.

In addition to cleaning the road, our counselors have volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club of Marble Falls, at animal shelters and by cleaning the local theater. They have also painted the little league baseball stadium in local Marble Falls and built a sandbox for a local child care center.

Our Senior campers give back to our camp community all summer long by serving food, washing dishes and interacting with our youngest campers on a daily basis. They spend time bringing our campers to their activities, and they also assist in teaching at various activity sites.

On April 24, 2010 our year-round camp Directors and 2 of our girl’s Division Leaders volunteered at the Hill Country Ride in Austin and cheered as over 500 riders finished biking 10, 65 and 100 miles! Among the riders was our very own Boy’s Camp Director, Jonathan Shirley (not pictured below).

From Left to Right. Top Row: Lauren Garcia, Abby Green, Joe Pierzchajlo, Laura Hill.
Bottom Row: Nicole Angel, Leah Mesches, Whitney Evans, Helen Merritt

With camp approaching quickly, our counselors will once again be participating in a Volunteer Day during our Staff Orientation.