Summer is getting closer. All of the talk about how camp is close must make you nostalgic! Think about a time when:

  • Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime minister of the UK
  • The Walkman is released at a cost of $200. The Walkman plays one cassette tape at a time, now we have IPods for less money that play 30 hours of music at a time
  • First snowboard is invented
  • Trivial Pursuit is launched as a nerds revenge, knowing random facts is now considered a plus at dinner parties
  • The first modern Bungee Jump is performed, a very brave person agrees to be the first person to ever bungee jump!
  • Superman the movie is released
  • Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” tops the charts
  • Charlie’s Angels hits the TV

To help you memorize all of this, just picture Margaret Thatcher listening to “I Will Survive” on her brand new Walkman . . . While riding a snowboard.  Meanwhile, the three Charlie’s Angels are playing Superman in Trivia Pursuit.  No one is bungee jumping.

Picture the image in you mind.  There will be a test later.

Enjoy your 1979 yearbook!


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