Thinking back to your summers on Lake LBJ, it is also interesting to think about what else was going on in the world

Richard Nixon resigns as President after the Watergate fiasco. As a result, all future scandals must end in “-gate”. This is a tradition that needs to end.

Nixon signs the Emergency Daylight Savings Time Energy Conservation Act. As if Watergate wasn’t enough, President Nixon also gave us a lot of confused people on selected Sunday mornings.

MRI scanner developed. As far we we can tell, Nixon had nothing to do with this.

Pocket calculator begins to be sold in stores. People learn to spell “hello” by entering “01134” and reading the display backwards.

The Exorcist debuts at the Box Office. Split pea soup sales plummet.

Eric Clapton’s “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Kung Fu Fighting” top the charts. Also, Harry Chapin releases “Cats in the Cradle” - long distance calls double as sons call their fathers.

Here it is! Enjoy and be sure to check back next week for another yearbook! 1974_THE_TORCH_CAMP_CHAMPIONS.pdf

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