Alumni, we know it’s been a while since we last posted a yearbook and we don’t want to make you wait any longer! And now we turn back to the beginning of the 80’s…

  • Moak Sir graduates High School! It would be 17 years before he would join the Camp Champions team.
  • Pac Man is released, and later becomes one of the most famous video games of all time! Ms. Pac Man is not far behind, and everyone loves this female character! You could play this game endlessly, really.
  • CNN becomes the first 24 hour cable news station
  • US boycotts the Moscow Olympics. A boycott is led in retaliation by the Soviet Union 3 years later.
  • Fax machines become a domestic item. Remember those?
  • John Lennon is shot.
  • Queen releases “Another One Bites the Dust”
  • The U.S. population was 227,224,681 now it is 310,916,437. My, how we’ve grown!
  • Postage costs 15 cents. Now, in 2010,  it’s 44 cents and most children don’t even know how to address or stamp an envelope.
  • Mexico is home to the first ever panda born in captivity
  • Miracle On Ice.. Enough said.

It was an eventful year, and we hope that this yearbook brings back fond memories of the summer at CC on Lake LBJ! 1980_THE_TORCH_CAMP_CHAMPIONS.pdf