Before last year, I was not the biggest Facebook guy.  Over the last year, however, I have joined (been pulled into?) the Facebook Nation.

At first, I did not really get it.

Over the last 3 months, I have really become a fan for several reasons.

First, our Camp Champions Fan Page has been adding members like crazy.  It is so much fun to keep in touch with the campers and families that we love in the non-summer months.

Second, we have started to use it to find our alumni.  We are looking through old yearbooks and reaching out to former campers from the early years (1967-1975 so far) in a hope to build our alumni community as well.  When Susie Ma’am and I bought the camp in 1995, we had essentially no alumni records and we have always longed to get in touch with former campers.  Whenever former campers visit camp, they love it - sometimes spending 1-2 hours looking through old yearbooks!  We want to share this excitement with even more people.

As a result, we have started to post old yearbooks on Facebook as well.  Well, actually, we have only done one so far.  If you get a chance, check it out at  If you like it, please let us know so that we can add more pages.

Finally, I had my first “Facebook Birthday” this week and was so pleased to hear from campers, counselors, parents and even some high school friends. What a joy to connect with so many wonderful people!

Here is a quick picture for you from the birthday festivities.  I am usually pretty good at convincing myself that I am still a young pup, but this shot kinda made me see that I am getting up there.  Susie Ma’am decided to put ALL 45 CANDLES on the cake, broken into one set of Trojan Blue and one set of Spartan Red.  The effect was a pretty scary flame.  Check it out in the picture!

SRB B-Day Bonfire

Until the next blog, I hope to hear from you on Facebook!

Steve Sir