Written by an 8th Grade Camper

Dear Camp Champions,

As I look across the court, sweat trickles down the back of my neck. A ball whizzes past my head as I duck down to pick up another ball. I throw. Bam – the sound of rubber hitting flesh. A whistle blows; the game is over.

Trojan/Spartan wars are just one example of the friendship, compassion and fun that make Camp Champions so amazing.

But, above and beyond the fun, Responsibility, Reaching Out, Reasonable Risks and Respect are lessons you will use for the rest of your life.

That’s why I love living here 3 weeks every year. The constant friendships and fun masks the fact that you are learning priceless life lessons.

Inspection teaches you responsibility that your parents could never drill into you. Climbing the wall or getting up on skis is fun, but it is also a healthy risk that helps you relieve your fears and build your character. Saying sir and ma’am teaches you respect in the real world. By helping others achieve their goals as you work towards yours, you reach out and find a new selfless person inside yourself.

That is what camp means to me. A place to learn, a place to grow, a place to be happy and free. A place to prosper, and a place to discover your inner champion.

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